Our Process

Call us on 0418 813 344 or 9071 2599, or complete the enquiry form below to make a booking.


Upon arrival you and your pet will be greeted by one of our friendly staff. We will verify all details with you and you will need to show proof of vaccination for your pet.

If your pet is on any special diets, medications or supplements we will record all instructions so he/she will receive the correct types and quantities during their stay. Please note that your pet must be secured with a lead or in a cat crate to enter our boarding facility. 

You will be given the option to pay the bill either when bringing your pet in or when picking your pet up. For long term bookings you will be required to pay a deposit. We accept cheque, cash, most credit cards (1.9% surcharge) and eftpos.

Check In

If not too busy at the time you arrive our staff will ask you whether you would like to accompany your pet down to the kennels or cattery or if you would prefer to say your goodbyes at the door.

Please note that during busy peak times it may not always be possible to accompany your pet down to the kennels or cattery. We will make sure that your pet is safely settled into his/her enclosure where they will find a treat waiting for them on their bed and a meal already prepared.


Your pet’s day starts at 8:00 am where he/she is given cuddles, checked for comfort, food and water levels. We then come back a short while later and thoroughly clean their kennel or cattery. All litter trays and food bowls are taken out and washed and disinfected.

Breakfast is served (if instructed) and fresh litter for the cats, plus any medication required is administered. During this time we talk, play and have cuddles with the animals and brush any cats or dogs that like or need to be brushed. We have a supply of special treats that we regularly spoil our boarders with.

There are plenty of toys for your pet to play with and we get great pleasure from watching them get up to their antics! Through the middle of the day the animals have quiet time. Throughout the day all pets are checked on and given individual attention, a big cuddle and a treat.

In the evening your pet will get a meal according to their feed sheet, medication is administered for any pets that have afternoon medications then at the end of the day there is a final check made and then your pet is tucked in for the night.

Check Out

Upon collection of your pet you will again be greeted by one of our friendly staff. If payment wasn’t received on arrival you will be required to pay on departure before collecting your pet. We will ask you whether you would like to accompany us down to the kennels or cattery to pick up your pet, please again note that during busy peak times it may not always be possible to come down with us.

We have strict opening times so please don’t come outside our hours. Our opening times are there to minimise stress to the animals in our care and to allow us to properly care for your pets. If you come outside of these hours you won’t be permitted entry.

Please note that no person is to enter the kennels or cattery unless accompanied by a staff member.

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