Pet Boarding FAQs

Is there a booking fee / deposit?

Our non refundable booking fee secures the booking and contributes to the cost of administering the booking and collection and verifying of documents. This also ensures some of our costs are covered should a “no show” occur.

Christmas is a busy period for the kennels and therefore we charge a Christmas deposit to help cover the costs of “no shows” during that period.   This deposit is deducted from balance due on payment.

These charges are detailed on our information and fee sheet.

Should my pet be desexed before coming to Abalee?
Cat Act 2011 requires all cats that have reached 6 months of age to be:

  • Microchipped
  • Sterilised
  • Registered with the relevant local government.

Kittens must be at least 20 weeks of age on entry to our cattery, which will ensure maximum disease protection from his/her vaccination schedule. Cats will be required to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure that owned cats can be easily identified and returned to their owner. Refer to For further information. For your dog we do recommend sterilisation, firstly for its many health benefits and secondly as it assists with a friendlier environment in the kennels.

Does my cat or dog need to be vaccinated to stay at Abalee cattery and kennels?
Yes. For the protection of all animals a current vaccination card must be produced, we prefer c5 and f5 vaccinations. A current minimum of C3 vaccination is required for dogs in our boarding kennels and cats require a current minimum of F3 vaccination to stay. Some waiting periods may apply while vaccinations take effect in developing immunity. Ask your vet for more information on vaccinating your pet.
I have never left my pet at a cattery/kennels before – how will they cope?
The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that looking after other people’s animals is our job and we love it! We are experienced handlers who are kind and understanding. We go to great lengths to make friends with our new mates and it pleases us even more to see every pet go home happy and then to see them come back for their next stay happy and excited to see us
My pet has a specialised dietary requirement- can you cater for it?
Yes. You can bring any food from home if you choose or tell us about your pets’ dietary requirements and we are more than happy to accommodate them. We pay close attention to your pet’s meals on our boarding record sheet to ensure your pet has a healthy and happy stay with us. If your pet has previously been a fussy eater please advise us of what food your pet prefers so we can make sure it is available for his/her stay. Home prepared meals must be supplied in individual meal portions. This will ensure freshness (allows us to freeze) and correct portion control for your pet at all times
Do you administer my dog’s or cat’s medications requirements?
Yes, we can administer any medications for your beloved pet at no extra charge, including insulin for diabetic cats or dogs. This includes regular flea/tick and worming treatments as required. If your pet is on regular medication please ensure that the instructions you give us are clear and correct, both on the medicine container and in any additional written information. Please ensure the instructions you give us don’t contradict veterinary instructions for using that particular medication.
Can my pets be together?
Yes, we can arrange for dogs or cats to be housed together (except in order to cater for the overall wellbeing of the other animals we can’t put dogs and cats together!!).
How are the animals accommodated?
Small dogs have their kennels situated away from the large dogs. Each dog has its own kennel with an area for their bed sheltered from the weather and line of vision of other boarders. Each of these kennels has access to a large exercise area. The cattery is located away from the kennels and cats have an individual two storey unit overlooking a central atrium. Private sleeping quarters provide screening from the other cats. The ramp to the bed is designed as a scratching area and there are things to play with in the atrium area. You are encouraged to bring in a blanket or bedding from home as well as toys or a scratching post to help them to settle in as quickly and easily as possible.
Can I see where my pet is being housed?
Yes, we pride ourselves in the high quality kennel and cattery facilities we provide.  We are more than happy to show you through our premises. No appointment is necessary if you can come in during our operating hours.
My dog or cat is not always very sociable, could this be a problem?
Abalee has a strict no mixing policy, so owners can rest assured that their pet will not become involved in a pack fight. We use double gate systems so animals cannot escape. Both dog and cat units have private areas your pet can retreat to should they require time to themselves away from the range of vision of any other animal.
Will my pet be bored?
No, we have numerous activities for your best friend to do, from going on walks to your pet being able to fetch their favourite toy.  Each dog has access to a large exercise yard each day and the cats also take it in turns to access the atrium during the day. We have heaps of toys that they can play with, too, or they can bring their own. Talk to us about additional services that you may require.
Does my pet need to be flea treated?
Yes, we also recommend that your dog or cat has a flea and tick collar.  Ask your vet for more information.
I have an elderly pet, will they be ok when boarding?
At Abalee cattery and kennels we like to assess each older pet individually. We will discuss with you extensively the physical and mental condition of each elderly pet. Medication can be administered if need be. Most of the time older pets adjust really well.
How will I know if there are any problems with my pet while I am away?
When boarding your pet our staff will take all your contact details and keep them on file. If there are any problems with your pet we will contact you. If you can’t be contacted, we will use the local friend’s or family member’s contact details you have provided.  We also take your vet details, too. If any medical problem arises, your vet is our first point of contact as they will have your pet’s medical history. You are welcome to contact us and we will let you know how your pet is going. We can also take your email address and keep in close contact via this means.
What if I have a pet that needs looking after that is not a dog or a cat?
No problem! Call us to discuss whether we can help. If you don’t have a pet crocodile the chances are your pet will be able to be happily catered for!
What if my pet needs to go to the vet?
We can arrange to take your pet to the vet. Alternatively the vet can come to us if whatever is required is able to be done onsite. An extra fee is incurred for this service by the vet. If an emergency situation should arise we will make every effort to contact you as set out above but your pet’s welfare will be our first priority.
What if my pet gets a communicable disease?
At Abalee we take every health, hygiene and safety precaution including up to date vaccinations to protect our residents, but there is no 100% guarantee. It is unreasonable to expect that the costs of treating any case of disease in a pet boarding with us should be borne by us. Please speak to one of our friendly staff for more information.
Media rights-what if my pet is photogenic?
From time to time we post photos on our website and social media along with comments on how our boarders are going. If you do not wish your pet to star in any of our updates please let our friendly staff know at time of registration.
What does my pet do all day?
Your pet’s day starts at 8:00 am when the staff arrive at the kennels. A security check is done to make sure everyone is happy and well. We greet the animals, give them cuddles and check that they are all comfortable and have food and water. We then come back a short while later and thoroughly clean the kennels and cattery. All litter trays and food bowls are taken out and washed and disinfected.

Cat ramps and decks are swept.  Every enclosure is disinfected and hosed and dried. We then feed all our boarders who have breakfast, put in fresh litter for the cats and administer any medication required. During this time we talk, play and have cuddles with the animals and brush any cats or dogs that like or need to be brushed. We have a supply of special treats that we regularly spoil our boarders with.

There are plenty of toys for them to play with and we get great pleasure from watching them get up to their antics! Through the middle of the day the animals have quiet time.

In the evening all animals get a meal according to their feed sheet. Medication is administered for any pets that have afternoon medications then at the end of the day there is a final check made and all animals are tucked in for the night.

What do I expect on arrival and departure?
Upon arrival you and your pet will be greeted by one of our friendly staff. We will verify all details with you and you will need to show proof of vaccination for your pet.

If your pet is on any special diets, medications or supplements we will record all instructions so he/she will receive the correct types and quantities during their stay. Please note that your pet must be secured with a lead or in a cat crate to enter our boarding facility. Please allow about 15 minutes when bringing in your pet for us to check them in.

You will be given the option to pay the bill either when bringing your pet in or when picking your pet up. For long term bookings you will be required to pay a deposit. We accept cheque, cash, most credit cards and eftpos. Credit cards attract a 1.9% surcharge and Debit cards attract a 1% surchage.

If not too busy at the time you arrive our staff will ask you whether you would like to accompany your pet down to the kennels or cattery or if you would prefer to say your goodbyes at the door. Please note that during busy peak times it may not always be possible to accompany your pet down to the kennels or cattery. We will make sure that your pet is safely settled into his/her enclosure where they will find a treat waiting for them on their bed and a meal already prepared.

Upon collection of your pet you will again be greeted by one of our friendly staff. If payment wasn’t received on arrival you will be required to pay on departure before collecting your pet. We will ask you whether you would like to accompany us down to the kennels or cattery to pick up your pet, please again note that during busy peak times it may not always be possible to come down with us.

We have strict opening times so please don’t come outside our hours. Our opening times are there to minimise stress to the animals in our care and to allow us to properly care for your pets. If you come outside of these hours you won’t be permitted entry.

Please note that no person is to enter the kennels or cattery unless accompanied by a staff member.

Do you offer a hydrobath for my dog?
Yes, we do, and for all breeds the charge is $12.00. A long coated breed and/or matted coats will incur an extra charge.
Any other questions?

For any other questions that you want answered please contact our friendly staff or leave a message below: